wow! it was the best.the event held around bj teritory.hahahaha.oke what ever lah kan.

so my group n i join our mind n power to complete the task that were given to team consist of me ofcourse,yan,mikhail,aizat,n haziq.haziq was our team leader.he had made a great job today.yeah!go haziq

so the first task was quiet easy..haziq as the group leader made a great job by doing the "hulla huup".and we the 5th participan to run at our bicycle and ride it to the next task.the second task where all said it was the hardest task.we had to tied 4 person legs n make our way to the finish point.the thing is we got to move n jump on what they always use to urut kaki at taman tuh.yang batu tajam2 tuh.yeah...that was hurt.then,after that we headin to the nxt checkpoint.we arive there as the third members..thre we had to determine what leave is we got all correct...uuuuu!cool haaa!.then the nxt chek point was my favourite game.hehehe.apa lagi kalau bukan BASKETBALL was easy but we didnt comlete the task.and we had to wait 3 minute for penalty.hehhh.the nxt checkpoint was very asy one.because we got very lucky one sebb ada orang dah terambl klu tuh n the other member of the team dah ambil one they put the thing back n we were there and took the thing.n pass to the orang there.n then we get the next the next klu kitorg lucky jugak sebb tempat tu dkt rumah one of our we finish the tsk n then straight we go to the lassssssst was them cool because we had to isi 10 baloon with air and then we had to throw the baloon n catch it without pecah the baloon.then after dah habs tu kitorg kene blg baloon containing H2O tu to the person yang kita itorg was like mandi H2O kah was damn cool..!

credit to arvin for menyediakan this amazing activity.hehe.n to all yang help.even to USTAT ASKHAR.ustat it was the best explorace i ever had.hehehe.

umm.ohh yeah forgot to mention somthing.we got the secondplace.hehehhe.

and lastly to yan.thnx for invitin me to you house n tuka baju semuathere. thnx man ;D

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